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The Guidebook
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Nire’s Rulebook (WIP) (Dec 4, 2018 12:52:25 GMT)
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Anything you'd need to know about the site is found here! Such as: the rules, setting, plot, events, news, updates, and more.
Application Center
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Maeve Cuilinn (Dec 11, 2018 21:59:37 GMT)
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This is where the character-making process begins. You can find the application template inside, along with all the site's accepted characters.

☙ Member Center

The Plot Hole
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Dullahan (Dec 11, 2018 0:27:22 GMT)
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Anything plot-related can be found inside here. You can find plotters, wanted characters, thread trackers and character journals within - and you can post your own!
Site Shop
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Site Shop (Dec 12, 2018 4:40:05 GMT)
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The site's official shop. By earning points, you can buy various different items for your character - or for the site's general plot. Take a look inside!

☙ Gael'eth

The Summer Court
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How Much You Want To Risk? [R] (Dec 12, 2018 6:53:02 GMT)
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In the heart of Gael'eth lies the Summer court, home of the Seelie. A large palace lays surrounded by buildings and neat hobbit-like homes. Plant life and flora grow in abundance and around it all, large stone walls protect the palace.
The Great Outdoors
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One Step At A Time [C] (Dec 12, 2018 1:13:42 GMT)
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The rest of Gael'eth can be found here. Nature: Mountains, rivers, lakes and the deep lush summer forests are home to many creatures and treasures - if you know where to look.
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[Jul] Fairy Lights [R] (Dec 10, 2018 3:37:10 GMT)
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Once a thriving part of the Never, Never, Faelakim has not received the care it should have and instead, wild and plant life have taken over. It's a treacherous place and few dare to wander too close.

☙ Tir'Na'Nog

The Winter Court
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Quiet [R] (Dec 12, 2018 6:22:07 GMT)
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On the very edge of Tir'Na'Nog, lies the winter palace, home of the Unseelie court. Surrounded by steep mountains on three sides with large, stone-made gates, tho protect the palace's entrance. Surrounding the palace are homes, both inside and outside.
The Great Outdoors
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Tongue Twister (c) (Dec 11, 2018 6:26:32 GMT)
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The rest of Tir'Na'Nog can be found here. A land covered in snow, ice and blizzards. Mountains line the horizon no matter where you turn, with deep and dark forests lining the ground underneath them.
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Learning to walk (Nacht) (Dec 11, 2018 14:35:56 GMT)
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Struasil has become a deserted place, that many try to avoid. Mostly known as the location of the Unseelie prison, Struasil has, for the most part, been abandoned. Without the proper care, the land has become barren and dead.

Alternative Universe

Alternative Universe
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All I Want For Jul Is... (Reserved) (Past) (Dec 9, 2018 20:33:10 GMT)
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For any "alternative universe" threads, that doesn't fit within any of the other boards. This board is often used for events, time travel threads and the like.

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Member Lounge
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Tagg's Tools (Dec 11, 2018 21:48:42 GMT)
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Feel free to write about anything here - even things that aren't site related. You can use this board to post absence notes if you go away.
Thread Graveyard
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Reiland Morningdew (Dec 9, 2018 16:01:09 GMT)
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All of the site's retired and archived stuff can be found here, such as retired characters or old, completed (or abandoned) threads.

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